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Crew CV Services

Who we serve

Tailored Support for Entry-Level and Experienced Maritime Professionals

Green Yacht Crew:

New to superyacht job hunting? Send us your CV for personalized advice on showcasing your career for success on the Seven Seas!

Experienced Crew:

Craft a resume emphasizing your skills and industry longevity. Networking matters, but a polished professional image is key.

Ex Cruise Ship or Chefs:

Sea or restaurant experience? Your skills can transition to superyachts. Contact us for assistance in refining your CV to meet yacht captain expectations.

Affordable CV design options for you

Our Packages

CV Essentials

CV Writing:

Professionally crafted and tailored CV to showcase your skills and experience.

Cover Letter:

A customized cover letter to complement your CV and make a strong first impression.



CV Professional

Everything included in the CV ESSENTIALS package, as well as:

Comprehensive Certificates and References Consolidation and Optimization:

Compilation and optimization of your certificates and references for a comprehensive presentation.

Chefs Special (for Chefs only):

Creation of a portfolio and a 7-day menu plan design to highlight culinary expertise.



CV Premium Pro

Everything included in the CV PROFESSIONAL package, as well as:

Dedicated Gmail Account:

A dedicated Gmail account for job applications, profile updates, and professional correspondence.

Profile Creation on 15 Crew Agencies:

We’ll create or update your profile on 15 recommended crew agencies to maximize your exposure.


How it works & what to expect

Step 1: Seamless Kick-off Post Purchase

Please upload or email your current CV to us. In response, we will promptly provide a set of questions for you to address, and you can include any specific instructions you may have. Armed with this information, we will kickstart the design process for your CV immediately.

Step 2: Personalized Assistance

Our team will carefully examine your original CV and the information you submitted. Within the next 24 hours, a dedicated CV specialist will reach out to you. They will seek any additional required information, address your queries, and commence work on crafting your initial draft.

Step 3: Draft Refinement

Once we have all the necessary details, we’ll create and send your first draft. Review it and communicate any edits or adjustments you’d like. Your initial revision is offered at no additional cost. We’ll promptly incorporate these changes and return the revised version to you. The entire process, from beginning to end, typically takes 1-3 business days based on the complexity of your requests. Recognizing the fast-paced nature of the industry, our commitment to a swift turnaround ensures that you can secure your dream job before someone else does. Upon finalization, we’ll provide your CV in a convenient PDF format.

Is Your Resume Grabbing Attention or Being Overlooked?

Typically, resumes receive only 3-6 seconds of scrutiny! A meticulously crafted resume has the power to captivate, prompting a thorough read. Optimal resume layouts yield superior outcomes.

Capture Attention. Invite Reading. Achieve Results.

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